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Inflatable Run

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October 2015 - The PlayForBurk Foundation partnered with Madison Middle School to host an inflatable run fundraiser on October 2. Last Wednesday, the PlayForBurk Foundation donated five-thousand dollars to Madison Middle School.

The PlayForBurk Foundation was created earlier this year to carry on the legacy of Burk Hansen after he passed away due to an ATV accident. Burk was 13-years-old and attended Madison.


The four pillars of the PlayForBurk Foundation, as stated in their mission statement, are service, faith, personal development, and recreational opportunities.

The Bartlesville Epic Inflatable Run was an extension of the annual Mustang Run hosted by Madison.

“The purpose of the Mustang Run is to have a majority of our student body complete a 5k while raising money for our Parent Support Group,” said Madison Middle School principal Joseph Eidson. “Our Parent Support Group supports our staff with luncheons, small grants, gifts and volunteer efforts throughout the academic year. They also run most student activities.”

According to Eidson, all of the money raised by the Mustang Run this year went to support technology at Madison. The school is using a temporary sound system until new audiovisual equipment is installed in the auditorium.

The money donated to Madison by the PlayForBurk Foundation will also be put towards improving the school’s technology.

“The $5,000 we donated to Madison will help buy much-needed technology for the school,” said Clinton Hansen, father of Burk Hansen and one of the founders of the PlayForBurk Foundation. “It is a pleasure to partner with a great school like Madison. The teachers and staff care about the students and are dedicating their lives to improve the opportunities for them.”

According to Hansen, volunteers make it possible for the foundation to host events like the inflatable run. Many volunteers from the athletic department of Oklahoma Wesleyan University volunteered at the race, along with parents and adults from Madison, ConocoPhillips, and Phillips 66.

Hansen also noted that the run could not have been successful without the countless volunteer hours of Rosly Cooper, Stacy Lard, and Randy John.

“They did an incredible job of thinking of every detail to make sure this event was fun for people of all ages,” Hansen said.

According to Hansen, over 500 runners attended the Mustang run, and about 250 ran during the inflatable run that evening.

“[The inflatable run] allowed us to give people the chance to serve and enjoy a fun recreational opportunity to raise money for a great cause,” Hansen said. “We look forward to future events so we can help improve the community as we encourage them to play hard and serve harder.”

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