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$11,000 Presented to BPSD Schools for Christmas

P4B 2018 Christmas Donations.jpeg

As part of the PlayForBurk Foundation's annual Festival of the Nativity held at Father Lynch Hall, it receives donations and sponsorships for the purpose of providing Bartlesville children with clothes, toys, and essentials during the holiday season.


The Foundation believes no child should go without a Christmas gift and 100% of the funds it raises goes directly to Bartlesville children.  


Last week Clint Hansen, the Foundation's President and Tyler Vaclaw, board member of both the Foundation and the Bartlesville Board of Education, visited the Jane Phillips, Woodrow Wilson, and Richard Kane elementary schools, as well as Madison and Central middle schools, to present a total of over $11,000 to the schools' Parent Support Groups/PTOs.


Each site identified children in need and staff members purchased gifts.

Recognizing that these funds can help some, but not all, of the needy children in our community, the PlayForBurk Foundation is committed to raising more funds next year. 


The district appreciates the Foundation's selfless efforts to make Christmas a merrier time for underprivileged children.

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