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2020 Community Impact

Ranch Heights Elementary School Family Fun Night (Jan 2020) – $100 sponsor of a game in one of the classrooms during this annual game night tradition to raise money for Ranch Heights.

Central Middle School 5k Run (Feb 2020) – $250 to sponsor this race to raise money for Central Middle School.

Bruin Classic Basketball Tournament (Feb 2020) – $1,500 title sponsor for this tournament that raised money for the Bartlesville High School basketball team.

BHS Girls Volleyball (August 2020) – $250 to sponsor the BHS girls volleyball team.

BHS Football Golf Tournament (May 2020) – $400 to raise money to support the Bartlesville High School football program.

Burk Bags (May 2020) – $2,500 for Burk Bags (hygiene backpacks) for Madison and Central Middle Schools.

Annual Scholarship (May 2020) – $3,500 Since this would have been the year Burk graduated from high school, we decided to give a scholarship to each student that applied.  We presented $1,000 to the main winner and $250 to the other applicants.

BHS Football Banner (Aug 2020) – $700 to support the Bartlesville High School football program.

Madison Middle School Outdoor Seating Project (Sep 2020) – $2,500 to support the Madison Middle School outdoor seating project to add seating around the playground area due to kids needing to be outside more due to COVID rules.

Daffin' the 'Ville (Nov 2020) – $2,500 on daffodil bulbs planted at Lee Lake as part of our ongoing beautification efforts in Barltesville.


Kane Elementary (Dec 2020) – $600 towards books for the classrooms.

Big Brother Big Sisters of Oklahoma Bowling Event (Dec 2020) – $250 to support the annual Bowl for Kids Sake event for the Big Brothers Big Sisters of Oklahoma.

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