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2021 Community Impact

Ranch Heights Elementary School Read-a-thon (Mar 2021) – $250 sponsor of the annual read-a-thon.

Central Middle School 5k Run (Feb 2021) – $250 to sponsor this race to raise money for Central Middle School.

BHS Girls Volleyball (August 2021) – $250 to sponsor the BHS girls volleyball team.

BHS Football Golf Tournament (May 2021) – $500 to raise money to support the Bartlesville High School football program.

Annual Scholarship (May 2021) – $2,500 We presented $1,000 to the main winner and $500 to three other applicants.

BHS Football Banner (Aug 2021) – $500 to support the Bartlesville High School football program.

Mustang Color Run (Sep 2021) – $1,000 to support the Madison Middle School annual Mustang Run.

Richard Kane Walk-a-thon (Oct 2021) – $1,000 to support the Richard Kane Elementary annual walk-a-thon.

Daffin' the 'Ville (Nov 2021) – $2,500 on daffodil bulbs planted at Lee Lake as part of our ongoing beautification efforts in Barltesville.

Bartlesville Club Ace Youth Volleyball Team (Nov 2021) – $1,000 to purchase a new net for this local girl's volleyball club team.

Annual Golf Tournament (May - Dec 2021) – $12,000 given to local school to support their special needs classrooms. (Hoover, Madison, Central, Wilson, Jane Phillips, Paths to Independence, and Ranch Heights)

Annual Nativity Event (Dec 2021) – $12,000 given to local organizations to provide Christmas gifts for children.

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