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Mindy Fielder

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A youth leader for Burk at the time that he passed away, he saw how Burk stood out as a quiet ‘set the example’ leader and an extra kind, loving and selfless person.


“Burk was the same great person no matter who was watching or not.  That is an honest look into one’s true character, to treat others right and do the right thing, even when others are not watching,” says Pryor.  Jeremy feels that Burk’s example has helped him to want to be a better person and to concentrate more on serving other people.

Born the first of 4 children in Lincoln, Nebraska, Jeremy made a personal mission statement when he was 16 years old, which states: “To be of assistance in helping individuals to better their lives.”

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While Pryor admits this is a broad statement, he considers it a life-long mission to attempt to fight off selfishness and to put others before himself.

With ancestors and current family members who have participated and continue to participate in many service organizations that help in many causes.  Jeremy sees his role in the foundation as an opportunity to pay forward Burk’s legacy and in addition to follow in his family’s footsteps in being of service to those around him.  He has lived in various places with his family including Nebraska, Bartlesville, OK and he has lived in Katy, TX for the last 2 years.

Jeremy and his wife Carrie are the parents of 6 children, most of which were acquaintances with Burk.  He works for ConocoPhillips Information Technology department as an Analytics and Data Architecture Consultant.


He is an Eagle Scout and has served in various service oriented capacities such as a youth coach in various sports and especially loves coaching basketball and football.


He has been a leader in Cub Scouts, Boy Scouts and has served in various leadership capacities within his church.  He and his family have greatly enjoyed the quality of life they have found in Bartlesville since 2012.

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